Monday, November 18, 2013

Making a Move

Hey, folks!

It's been a while since I've posted anything here, so I figured I'd give starting a new blog at my own domain a try.

You can find it at The Paranormal Side. I'll keep this blog up for the past entries, and will continue posting updates to my various social media outlets.

See you at the new place!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Synchronicity and Changes

I’ve been a fan of synchronicity for a while.

Well, maybe not so much of a fan as an observer. I don’t know if it’s because of how my brain’s
Actually, I've always found cemeteries to be more peaceful
than creepy.
By Photographic Collection from Australia
(Cemetery - Gore Hill  Uploaded by Oxyman)
[CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
wired or if something in my upbringing predisposed me, but I’ve always been one to pick up on patterns in the world around me. I guess that’s why I tend to use synchronicity as a tool to prepare for the immediate future.

Recently, I’ve been noticing a lot of death symbols. Take this past weekend, for example.

1. A song came on the radio on our trip to the campground which I associate with death.
2. As we were cloud gazing, we both spotted an arrow pointing to a skull.
3. When we stopped for gas on the way back, the station we pulled into was right across the street from a cemetery.
4. The news is focusing more now than ever on deaths, both locally and nationally. Between Zimmerman’s trial, the death of that guy from Glee, the trial of a local guy who’d murdered his three girls to get back at his wife, and assorted other local deaths, we can’t wait for the weather without listening to any of these stories.
5. Today, I watched a documentary on prohibition, in which a guy talked about how his dad would escape raids by loading the booze and tools into a hearse. He’d then have his buddy drive the hearse into the Arlington National Cemetery and park it there until the cops had left.

This isn’t the first time this pattern has happened, either. The first time, I was terrified that I was going to lose a close family member or friend. That didn’t happen, thankfully. Instead, it involved an unexpected cross-country move. Now, I associate it with the meaning of Death in tarot – change.

This time is no different, but I won’t go into the big changes that may be happening soon just yet. (Mwahah.)

But it got me thinking – when synchronicity happens, is it because more signs really are showing up, or is it because we notice these signs on a subconscious level? Is that deeper, more mysterious part of ourselves that goes beyond the left brained thinking every day life requires just pulling these things into sharp relief so we’re better prepared for what’s going to happen?

I don’t know, but I do know this string of events always leads to something big.

Friday, July 12, 2013

The Psychic Children

Lately, I've been reading "Creepy Things Kids Say" lists like this one. Some are very cute, some are extremely creepy, and some demonstrate just how sensitive kids still are when they're young. Since ghosts, reincarnation and psychic sensitivity are such taboo topics in general society, it follows that some of the corresponding comments are seen as creepy.

When Normal Becomes Abnormal
When you stop to think about it, this heightened sensitivity makes sense. We're all born with our third eye wide open, but as we get older, we're conditioned away from believing what we instinctively know. Because of this, all but the most sensitive of kids end up shutting down as they get older.

Unfortunately, some side effects of this are degrees of emotional damage and cynicism. As time passes, childhood memories of "just knowing" things fade, or are dismissed as coincidence, regardless of how often the incidences happened.

I, and others, tend to think all children are psychic to a degree, and it's a shame when kids are derided because of this perfectly natural experience.

Valuable Help
Now, I'm not a massive fan of a lot of those paranormal TV shows. The media has a tendency to blow this phenomenon way out of proportion and capitalize on the scarier aspect of the unknown. However, I did like the little bit I saw of A&E's Psychic Kids.

Now, I only saw the first season when it was on Netflix, so I have no clue what the next two seasons are like. However, I really liked the fact that the team of an open minded psychologist teamed up with psychic professionals who had been doing the work for as long as they had been. Even more important was how they were able to connect the kids with others who had similar experiences. That sense of camaraderie is extremely valuable.

I'm very lucky to have a mom who believes in this kind of stuff, and it made my journey along this path that much easier. I was allowed to read everything I wanted on the subject, experiment and record my early experiences with empathy, ghosts and other types of psychic phenomenon. However, it wasn't until much later that I met more than perhaps one or two others my own age who had experienced similar things.

Since then, I've spoken with many other people who haven't had that luxury. Again and again, I get the comment "I'm sorry if I'm asking so many questions, but I've never met anyone to talk to about this!" That strikes me as very sad.

If more people were willing to open up to the possibility of psychic ability and actually talk about it, kids who are having acute experiences will be able to learn about themselves more easily. They'll grow into adults who will be better able to help others and the world as a whole.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Where and How Can I Find a Good Psychic or Medium?

Whether you just want to get a third party point of view on certain aspects of your life or just want to have a good time, it can be tricky finding a good psychic. It's no secret that there are frauds and scam artists out there, but there are also people with genuine talent who can help you out.

The Spiritualist Church, which has a very strong presence
in LilyDale, NY, where this Forest Temple is located,
is a good place to look for reputable mediums.
by grilled cheese, [CC BY-ND 2.0], via Flickr
So, how can you find them? After taking a few classes on the subject and doing extensive research of
my own, I've noticed that good psychics tend to have these qualities in common.

Where To Find a Psychic
You might find psychics beginning their practice in places like coffee shops, but for one on one readings, try looking in your favorite new age store. Reputable places will test potential psychics and require they achieve a certain degree of accuracy before renting them space. Before booking an appointment, ask what sort of criteria they need to meet before the shop owner agrees to work with them.

If you're looking for a medium, you may be able to find one at the same shop as the psychics, but you can also check out the local Spiritualist Church. A huge part of Spiritualism involves speaking with those who have already passed, and those with that gift practice it as part of their faith.

The Internet and newspapers also offer advertisements, but if you'd like to go that route, talk to the psychic before hand and get a handle on the following issues before setting an appointment. You're hiring them for a service, after all, and you should get what you pay for.

Down to Earth
Although the general population might not believe it, the best psychics and mediums I've met have been extremely practical, down to earth people. Although they pull information out of areas the majority of the population may not be able to access, reliable psychics tend to be able to apply their gifts to every day life, without the aura of mysticism carrying them away.

Some practitioners may have new age or mystical notes to their surroundings or attire to help them get into the mind set, but an overabundance of crystals, glitter or other "new age" deco can be a dead giveaway of a fraud. Granted, that's not the case 100% of the time, but it's not uncommon for someone to sell you on the environment before sitting down with you.

Reasonable Fee
Folks in this field also have to make money, but their fee should be reasonable. Unless they're wildly popular, they shouldn't be charging several hundred dollars per hour. For a less experienced psychic, $40-$60, more experienced psychics may charge up to $150.

Related to fees is if they pay extra for "curse removal" or "protection". A huge red flag is if a particular psychic is known for saying people are cursed or anything of the sort, and is then likely to charge for the removal of the malady. This type of activity is almost always a sign of an unethical individual.

Code of Ethics
When talking to the psychic you're thinking about seeing, ask about their code of ethics. A good example of a code is Christine Schroeder's. Psychics are not councilors, medical professionals or legal advisers, and reputable professionals will not behave as such.

Hiring a psychic is a lot like hiring a contractor. If possible, look for reviews regarding their services online, talk to your friends who had seen them and talk to the venue in which you may be seeing them.

Most of all, trust your own intuition. If something feels off about a particular psychic, don't be afraid to seek someone else out.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lake Monsters - Pressie

So, since Minnesota is the Land of 10,000 Lakes, how could I pass up the opportunity to read up on and write about lake monsters?

Ancient rock paintings of Lake Superior's monster.
By D. Gordon E. Robertson (Own work)
[CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Every year, the hubby and I pack up our vehicle of choice, and haul our way up to the beautiful Lake
Superior for a weekend full of hiking, mosquitoes, swimming, blisters and more nature than we can shake a stick at.

Being the largest fresh water lake in the world, Lake Superior naturally has a lot of lore around it. It's big enough that the original explorers mistook it for an ocean at first, it literally changes weather patterns and it is holy to the Native Americans which predated the European settlers. Naturally, I figured there must be some sort of lake monster associated with it.

Pressie fit the bill. Although this serpent has been sighted in parts of the lake off the shores of Canada, Minnesota and Michigan, the best sighting took place close to where Presque Isle River meets the lake.

The creature is usually described as serpentine with a horse-like head and a tail like a whale, though there have been a few descriptions stating it was 'cat-like'. Some experiences have also involved violence, like the Michigan man who found himself the target of attack off the shores of Duluth.

This isn't a new lake monster, either. Reports go back through the centuries, and the local Ojibwe people know it as Mishipishu, which translates into either Underwater Panther or The Great Lynx.

No one has been able to really identify what this creature is with any sort of certainty. Because the lake is so large and deep, some truly impressive fish have been sighted, including some pretty massive sturgeon. Skeptics tend to blame these encounters on those types of fish, but those who have been privy to sightings have their doubts.

There's also the possibility that there may simply be a different, undiscovered species living in the lake. As large and deep as this body of water is, that possibility is viable.

In any case, the next time we're up there, I'll keep an eye out for Pressie, and I'll have our camera ready. Who knows? Maybe I'll capture some cryptozoology along with the beauty we have the privilege to witness every year.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Roswell Conspiracy

It wasn't until I posted yesterday's entry that I realized that it was the anniversary of the Roswell UFO crash which took place in 1948. I figured I'd provide an overview of information regarding the most popular theory surrounding this event.
Air Force dummies used during
experimental runs.
[public domain] via Air Force
Declassified Secrets

Official Explanation
The original explanation provided for the crash was that an experimental weather balloon had crashed. However, years later, an internal investigation revealed that what had crashed was actually an experimental surveillance balloon being operated under Project Mogul. Because it was classified at the time, they couldn't disclose what it really was at the time.

The later reports of aliens, perhaps alive, being taken away from the scene were explained as a combination of memories changed by the passage of time and confusion with other experiments involving life-sized dummies being dropped from aircraft. There were also accidents involving soldiers which may have contributed to faulty memory.

Most Popular Theory
Many people don't believe that explanation, however. The majority of disbelievers think that what had crashed on that ranch in Roswell was actually an alien aircraft.

The wreckage and any occupants had been salvaged, then carted off to a secret government installation, perhaps a state away in Area 51.

Why Controversy Has Lingered
Beyond the simple desire for the government to acknowledge the existence of UFOs, there have been a few discrepancies which have kept the controversy alive.

The very first one was the initial press statement released by Walter Haut, the public relations officer employed at the time. He had stated outright that the wreckage in Roswell was indeed a flying saucer. That statement was later redacted by Commanding General Roger Ramey, who stated the wreckage was a result of a weather balloon, and followed up the statement with a picture of pieces of the wreckage.

The story faded until Jesse Marcel, a former Major, opined in 1978 that the craft was actually an alien aircraft, and the government had covered it up. Just over ten years later, in 1989, Glenn Dennis, a former mortician, also brought up the possibility of alien bodies.

The reemergence of the topic prompted an internal investigation, which resulted in the exposure of Project Mogul and the statements about misidentification of dummies and injured airmen.

However, the controversy still rages. In fact, this year, a memo had been declassified by the FBI, which discusses a report of a sighting of three UFOs over New Mexico. The memo doesn't state that they're of alien origin, but because it was dated so soon after the Roswell crash, in 1950, and took place in the same state, it still stirred the topic up anew. If you'd like to read it yourself, a scanned copy can be found here.

Whether the official explanation is true or not, Roswell will remain a part of popular UFO culture and continue to serve as a source of inspiration for creative thinkers across the country.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Yesterday's Sea Monsters, Today's Strange Creatures in the Sea

Before reliable maps were even drawn of this beautiful world's continents, people had no way of knowing what happened to ships which had mysteriously vanished after leaving port. Today, we know that the majority of them probably fell prey to wicked storms, but way back in the day those disappearances were credited to beasts of the deep angry about humanity's trespass.

We know now that it's unlikely those beasts existed, but the squid in the following videos may make us think otherwise.

These guys may live deep within the ocean, but their existence does lend frightening credence to the legendary Krakken and ancient reports of sea monsters all around the world.